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True Pore Technology
Innovative technology for aeration of construction materials
for insulation purposes and
reduction of your carbon dioxide footprint

Structural Insulated Sheathing

USLPore® is used as an insulating core of structural sheathing elements. The core consists of a specific foam concrete, cellular lightweight concrete. This worldwide unique construction system is developed and engineered in the United States of America (USA). It´s reducing the overall construction time and generating value for your construction project. 

  • Engineered in the USA
  • Faster construction, completely prefabricated
  • Cost effective building method
  • High quality standards
  • Sustainability
  • Fireproofed construction material
  • Suitable for demising walls

An innovative structural insulated sheathing system for the building envelope. Installation is quick and eliminates many of the steps and complexity required in common code-mandated assemblies.

With its superior performance, the Structural Insulated Sheathing is installed faster and is creating more value for the building owner and contractor.

USLPore® foam concrete as structural insulated sheathing can be produced at different densities. The density below is representing the average applied density of our customers for the respective application.
A higher density is resulting in a higher compressive strength but lower insulating effect.
A lower density is resulting in a lower compressive strength but better insulating effect.
All USLPore® products are fully non-combustible.

  metric imperial
entity value entity value
density [kg/m³] 100-200 [pcf] 6.2-12.5
thermal [W/mK] 0.038 - 0.06 [R-value per in] 2.4-3.8
compression [KPa] 250-350 [PSI] 36-51
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