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True Pore Technology
Innovative technology for aeration of construction materials
for insulation purposes and
reduction of your carbon dioxide footprint

Infill Hollow Block

USLPore® is an ultra-lightweight porous concrete material with a density of only 75-85 kg/m³ for filling hollow blocks.

  • German Engineering
  • Embedded Insulation
  • worldwide unique low density 75 [kg/m³]
  • Thermal 0.038 [W/mK]
  • Faster Construction
  • Fireproofed construction material
  • Sustainable


USLPore® Infill for Hollow Blocks is an ultra-light aerated lightweight concrete infill material with a density of only 75-85 kg/m³. It can be used for both, Infill for CMUs (concrete or lightweight concrete masonry units) or for hollow clay blocks. It is an ideal alternative for the infill with mineral wool, perlite or any organic infills such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polyurethane (PU).

USLPore® foam concrete as an infill for hollow blocks can be produced at different densities. The density below is representing the average applied density of our customers for the respective application.
A higher density is resulting in a higher compressive strength but lower insulating effect.
A lower density is resulting in a lower compressive strength but better insulating effect.
All USLPore® products are fully non-combustible.

  metric imperial
entity value entity value
density [kg/m³] 75-125 [pcf] 4.7-7.8
thermal [W/mK] 0.035 - 0.045 [R-value per in] 3.1-4.1
compression [KPa] 100-350 [PSI] 15-51
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